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photo-woman-childImagine a home that’s full of clean air. A building cleansed of pollutants and contaminants. One that contributes positively to your comfort and the well-being of your family. EarthCraft buildings do just that through well-designed ventilation, effective moisture management, and the selection of smart construction materials that minimize off-gassing.Millions of Americans suffer from allergies or asthma, and if you do too, it’s important to know that indoor pollutants and excess moisture in your home or workplace are often a bigger problem than outdoor sources.The EarthCraft program addresses occupant health by requiring every building it certifies to address indoor air quality. As a result, you can breathe easy!

Information on the savings from EarthCraft certification here

Real World Sustainable Economics

          Standard Home           Energy Efficient

Purchase Price                       $250,000                                   $257,500

Down Payment                        $50,000                                     $51,500

Loan Amount                           $200,000                                   $206,000

Interest                                        4%                                              4%

Monthly P&I                               $955                                           $983               (+$28)

Energy Cost                              $250                                           $163                (-$87)     

Total Expenses                        $1,205                                        $1,146              (-$59)

               Money Savings: $59 x 12 = $708 savings/year or $7,080 over 10 years

*Based on 30 year mortgage; 3% increased construction costs; 35% utility savings

Top Benefits of Green Building

  • Lower Utility Costs
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced Home Maintenance
  • Higher Resale Value

Lower Utility Costs

Homes built and certified to EarthCraft standards are sustainably constructed with an emphasis on durability and efficiency. Utility bills can be reduced by more than 30%, directly translating to monthly savings while lessening your impact on the environment. You can feel good about conserving energy and water, and you’ll be happy with the extra cash in your wallet!

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Consistently, experts have linked building design and quality to occupant health and safety. EarthCraft homes and businesses are properly air sealed and ventilated, addressing mold growth, allergen spread and pest infestation – avoiding respiratory problems often experienced by occupants of conventional buildings. In addition, EarthCraft encourages proven radon mitigation measures and low-VOC materials, reducing long-term cancer risks.

Increased Comfort

Have you ever walked upstairs in your home in the summer and noticed that it feels about 5 degrees warmer? So many of us assume this is normal in any home, but this issue, called stratification, should and can be avoided! With a tight, well insulated building envelope and properly designed mechanicals, EarthCraft homes better maintain set temperatures and feel comfortable on any floor and in any season.

Reduced Home Maintenance

Water vapor and moisture are building pollutants and can lead to mold growth and decay. With a focus on durability, several EarthCraft program considerations aim to prevent moisture from entering the building envelope and controlling indoor relative humidity. EarthCraft homes are built with durability in mind, reducing your time and money spent on home maintenance.

Higher Resale Value

Projects that receive EarthCraft certification meet increased demand in the rapidly expanding green building market. While real estate markets have always been driven by consumer preferences for low-cost, attractive homes and buildings, public concern about resource use and energy efficiency now influences the old equation, and consumers are increasingly interested in eco-friendly homes and workplaces. Long-term assessments of green building have demonstrated their cost advantages, and EarthCraft projects have consistently sold for higher market values and have spent less time on the market than conventionally built facilities.