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ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape is designed specifically to address the growing need for building performance, comfort and energy efficiency and is the only all-in-one solution that delivers the strength, durability and efficiency of engineered wood while sealing out air and water.

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Huber ZIP System R-SheathingHuber Engineered Woods LLC recently announced that its ZIP System® R-Sheathing is the first insulated structural panel to achieve code approval under the International Code Council Evaluation Service’s (ICC-ES) updated acceptance criteria for proprietary sheathing panels. ZIP System R-Sheathing is currently the only insulated structural panel to have achieved recognition under the new guidelines and to have 2009 and 2012 code-recognized shear wall design values.ZIP System R-Sheathing is a five-in-one insulated panel designed to provide bulk water, thermal, air, and moisture resistance while delivering strength and durability. Installed with ZIP System™ tape to create a seamless airtight seal, ZIP System R-Sheathing offers greater energy efficiency and reduced heating and cooling costs.The performance standards of ZIP System R-Sheathing can be reviewed through the ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR-3373). This independent, third party report provides confirmation to builders and code officials that ZIP System R-sheathing meets current code requirements. To learn more, visit
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