Certified Builders

Educated, trustworthy builders are the backbone of the EarthCraft program. These individuals are responsible for the construction of sound, energy efficient homes that earn the EarthCraft label. Partnership between builders, Technical Advisers, and EarthCraft Administrators allows for the combination of advanced building science with each builder’s own personality to produce positive living environments.

Maintaining Certification

  • Have attended the EarthCraft builder training
  • Have passed the open book exam at the end of the course
  • Be a member of your local HBA or the Atlanta HBA
  • Pay the EarthCraft membership
  • Construct at least one EarthCraft certified home a year

EarthCraft Construction

The EarthCraft certification process is a partnership between the builder and the Technical Advisor (TA). The builder, Technical Advisor, and subcontractors work closely throughout the construction process to ensure the construction is both planned and carried out in a manner worthy of the EarthCraft label.

To begin an EarthCraft project, contact a local Technical Advisor. Your TA will assist in the selection of points on the EarthCraft worksheet and facilitate communication with the EarthCraft program administrators. The minimum number of points must be achieved to certify a project, so it is crucial to use the worksheet in the planning stages.

To officially begin an EarthCraft project, each project must be registered with EarthCraft prior to the pre-drywall inspection. Either the builder or the TA can register the project here. After registration, the builder will need to submit the requested project information to the TA. Timely submissions ensure all parties are prepared for the subsequent steps in the process. For a full description of the process, please find the relevant program manual on the Resources page.