Imagine a home that’s full of clean air. A building cleansed of pollutants and contaminants. One that contributes positively to your comfort and the well-being of your family. EarthCraft buildings do just that through well-designed ventilation, effective moisture management, and the selection of smart construction materials that minimize off-gassing. Millions of Americans suffer from allergies or asthma, and if you do too, it’s important to know that indoor pollutants and excess moisture in your home or workplace are often a bigger problem than outdoor sources.The EarthCraft program addresses occupant health by requiring every building it certifies to address indoor air quality. As a result, you can breathe easy!

Information on the savings from EarthCraft certification here

Standard Home EarthCraft Certified Home
Purchase Price $250,000 $257,500
Down Payment $50,000 $51,500
Loan Payment $200,000 $206,000
Interest 4% 4%
Monthly P&L $955 $983 (+$28)
Energy Costs $250 $163 (-$87)
Total Expenses $1,205 $1,146 (-$59)

Money Savings: $59 x 12 = $708 savings/year or $7,080 over 10 years (5% savings)

*Based on 30 year mortgage; 3% increased construction costs; 35% utility savings