Homeowner Benefits

EarthCraft certified homes provide for the full spectrum of health, well-being and energy efficiency for their occupants.

Benefits of owning an EarthCraft home include:

  1. Increased quality of life through improved air quality:

    • EarthCraft homes are healthier and safer environments because they are designed to maximize the quality of indoor air and minimize exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants.

    • EarthCraft homes have built-in ventilation systems that provide fresh air and reduce moisture and the potential of mold.

  2. Significant savings on operating and maintenance costs:

    • Owning an EarthCraft home is a smart financial decision. Homeowners save money from day one on utility bills.

    • Homes often spend fewer days on the market and have a higher resale value than comparable, conventional homes.

  3. Conservation of energy, water and natural resources:

    • Durable, low-maintenance, recycled and rapidly renewable building materials and constructions practices benefit the environment. EarthCraft building practices respect the natural resources that make them possible.

    • EarthCraft homes, on average, are 30% more energy efficient, which can result in a reduction of over 1,100 pounds of greenhouse gases introduced into the atmosphere each year.

    • EarthCraft homes also conserve water and reduce stormwater pollution.

  4. A quieter home with increased comfort and enhanced durability:

    • Maintaining indoor comfort is ensured through a well-built, well-insulated building envelope, plus a properly sized and installed heating and cooling system.