What is EarthCraft?

The EarthCraft program, a green building certification facilitated by Southface, provides a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment. Comprehensive, third-party verification and diagnostic testing ensures that all EarthCraft homes are a cut above the norm. By incorporating energy and resource efficient designs and systems, all EarthCraft certified homes demonstrate energy costs that are, on average, 30% below those of a typical new home, directly translating to monthly utility savings while lessening your impact on the environment.

Who is EarthCraft?

Established in 1999 by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface, EarthCraft is a green building certification program that serves the Southeastern United States. EarthCraft has adapted over the years to address new challenges in the Southeast’s built environment. Over the course of the program’s 17 year history, more than 40,000 homes, multifamily units and light commercial spaces have been certified.

Check out this video to learn more.

Why is an EarthCraft House right for me?

EarthCraft homes have a variety of benefits for your family, your environmental footprint, and your wallet. You can expect more from your home with EarthCraft. Benefits include:

  • Significant savings on operating and maintenance costs.
  • Conservation of energy, water and natural resources.
  • A healthier living environment with improved indoor air quality.
  • A quieter home with increased comfort and enhanced durability.

Why should I consider buying or building an EarthCraft House?

Designed specifically for the Southeast climate zone, EarthCraft certified homes are built to achieve resource efficiency, durability, and enhanced indoor air quality – all key factors in achieving a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, owning an EarthCraft home is a great financial decision. Homeowners save money from day one on utility bills and homes often spend less days on the market and sell  for higher resale value.

Are there rental EarthCraft properties?

EarthCraft is proud to have certified a large number of multifamily dwellings. From apartments, to dormitories, to senior centers, there are a range of opportunities available to take advantage of the benefits from an EarthCraft certified building. Like single family EarthCraft houses, these structures provide more comfortable living conditions through hot or cold seasons, and utilize efficient technologies.

What is the difference between EarthCraft and other green building programs?

Unlike other national green building programs, EarthCraft certified homes are designed to suit the unique climate conditions of the Southeast (mixed-humid climate). EarthCraft projects are third-party certified, receiving a performance based energy model, two onsite inspections and diagnostic pressure testing. Homeowners can feel confident in their home’s performance with the quality assurance provided by EarthCraft.

Does it cost more to buy an EarthCraft House?

On average, EarthCraft builders report an increase of 0.5 – 3% in construction cost. However, since EarthCraft homes can be more cost effective to own, this upfront cost can be quickly recovered.

How do I get started?

Want to build an EarthCraft House? Use the “Find a Builder” search function to locate an EarthCraft builder in your area and speak to them about certifying your new home with the EarthCraft program. If you’ve already identified a builder who isn’t currently involved in the program, we’d be happy to speak with the company to walk them through the process and get them started.