EarthCraft and Green Building

EarthCraft and other green building programs offer smart solutions to maximize efficiency and comfort while reducing the overall impact to our environment. Several factors make up green building

  • Building beyond what is required by code is a common strategy
  • Saving energy and reducing operating costs are part of formula for paybacks to the homeowner.
  • Building green has more resilience and durability – the builder creates a better product.
  • Quality-built green homes have better indoor air quality and comfort levels – the homeowner has a better living environment.

How EarthCraft is Different

Quality and Assurance. All EarthCraft programs use program guidelines, a points-based worksheet, site visits and diagnostic testing to verify that each project complies with program standards.
See Home Energy Rating System

Thoroughness. Project teams work with an EarthCraft Technical Advisor, who provides support in meeting program requirements from early in the design phase until construction is completed.

Customized to the South East. EarthCraft is designed to work with the climate conditions specific to the Southeast. Insulation and air conditioning strategies differ from northern to southern climates; rather than suggest a general strategy for all construction, our program designs homes to effectively deal with the climate specific to this area.

Why Work With Us?

Projects that receive EarthCraft certification meet increased demand in the rapidly expanding green building market. While real estate markets have always been driven by consumer preferences for low-cost, attractive homes and buildings, public concern about resource use and energy efficiency has begun to influence the old equation, and consumers are increasingly interested in eco-friendly homes and workplaces. The EarthCraft program strives to respond to consumer needs by using attractive, efficient and innovative design and construction techniques to provide the features they demand. The EarthCraft brand ensures each project has an independent third party verification, along with meeting the EarthCraft programs stringent criteria.

  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • High standards of energy and water efficiency
  • Reduced resource consumption
  • Savings on maintenance, repairs and utilities

Environmental Benefits

The energy sources used by homes can contribute to global warming and other serious environmental problems. Also, the materials used in the construction and maintenance of a home can deplete natural resources. EarthCraft homes, on average, are 30% more energy efficient which can result in a reduction of over 1100 pounds of greenhouse gases introduced into the atmosphere each year. In addition, EarthCraft homes can conserve water and reduce stormwater pollution.

Finally, by promoting recycling and the use of durable, low maintenance, recycled, and rapidly renewable materials, EarthCraft helps to ensure our homes conserve natural resources and protect ecosystem biodiversity. EarthCraft homes are truly “sensibly built for the environment.”