The EarthCraft family of programs is made possible by the generous support of its manufacturing and service industry partners, who fund the program promotion and administration. In addition, their products and services have been deemed to be in compliance with the goals of the EarthCraft program, making them true partners in promoting green building throughout the Southeast.

Strength of the EarthCraft brand

Since the inception of the EarthCraft program, builders and developers alike have recognized the value of the EarthCraft certification label. Simply put, it gives them a set of guidelines and strategies for best practices and backs up their efforts through the guidance and inspection process. This is a benefit to not only the builder, but to the end users who live and work in these quality-built, high performance buildings. It is no wonder that other green building programs across the country have modeled their programs after EarthCraft.

Partnership in action

Affiliation with the EarthCraft program brings our sponsors close to the builders, technicians and developers that are making a change in the green building arena. All sponsors are included in EarthCraft functions and events and recognized in marketing literature. Tiers of engagement emphasize your importance to this community and broader market. Grand Partners have the distinction of exclusive exposure of a good or service. Grand Partners and Dual Markets Partners have an added presence in the Virginia market with the EarthCraft Virginia program.

To become an EarthCraft sponsor contact please contact the Development team at