Technical Advisors (TAs) are the driving force behind EarthCraft program implementation, providing critical guidance to builders and verifying that they meet program standards. Professionals trained as EarthCraft TAs are able to offer clients valuable, specialized expertise that sets them apart!

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Become an EarthCraft Technical Advisor

To be eligible to pursue the Technical Advisor Qualification, interested parties must:


Familiarize yourself with the process to becoming an EarthCraft Technical Advisor using our EarthCraft TA Checklist.


To receive the Technical Advisor Qualification, those who fulfilled the prerequisites above must:

  • Submit an application for review by EarthCraft program administrators. Applicants will be contacted after submittal as this step may require an interview with the EarthCraft Project Manager
  • Attend an EarthCraft Builder Training and receive a passing score on the exam
  • Complete TA training modules and receive a passing score on all related tests
  • Sign the Technical Advisor agreement and submit annual membership fee


Credential Maintenance Requirements

To maintain Qualification, TAs must meet a number of annual requirements, which includes:

  • Participating in conference calls
  • Submitting quarterly reports
  • Attending annual TA convenings
  • Meeting a minimum project certification threshold
  • Undergoing an annual quality assurance review
  • Submitting annual EarthCraft membership fee
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I fulfill prerequisites on the checklist concurrently with other tasks?

Yes. You can take your EarthCraft Builder course while you’re becoming a HERS Rater. We encourage TAs to fill out their application as soon as all prerequisites have been fulfilled to streamline the process of becoming a Technical Advisor.

2. What does EarthCraft charge for Technical Advisors?

EarthCraft Technical Advisors are separate from the EarthCraft program. TAs act as third-party field verification consultants to ensure the rules of the program are being followed. TAs set their own price for their services in an open market. Click here to contact a Technical Advisor from our directory.

3. Do I have to become a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA) to become an EarthCraft Builder to then become a Technical Advisor?

No, EarthCraft Technical Advisors do not need to become members of GAHBA. EarthCraft TAs are required to pay the annual EarthCraft membership in order to stay in good standing with TA requirements.