Program Highlights

  • Third-party field verification and diagnostic testing
  • Modest project registration costs
  • Program designed and implemented by building science experts
  • Streamlined verification process

Check out our EC Renovation fact sheets:

Project Registration Fees:

  • Single Family:
    • $150 flat fee
  • Multifamily:
    • 1-3 stories with < 106 units: $75/unit
    • 1-3 stories with > 106 units: $8,000.00
    • ≥4 stories & ≤106 units: $85/unit
    • ≥4 stories & > 106 units: $9,000.00
  • Light Commercial:
    • ≤10,000 sq ft: $2,000.00
    • 10,000 sq ft to ≤30,000 sq ft: $4,000.00
    • >30,000 sq ft to ≤50,000 sq ft: $6,000.00
    • >50,000 sq ft to ≤80,000 sq ft: $8,000.00

Project registration based on finished condition square footage

EarthCraft Renovation Builders: 

EarthCraft Renovation Technical Advisors: 


EarthCraft Renovation sets standards for renovations or additions to existing homes, enabling them to increase efficiency and maximize performance. EarthCraft Renovation also assists homeowners and builders in identifying and addressing the causes of common problems like uncomfortable rooms, high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and combustion safety issues. These concerns are all addressed during the renovation process.

Additional Program Costs

To officially begin an EarthCraft Renovation project, each project must be registered prior to the Pre-Drywall Inspection. The registration fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee the project will be certified. The totals below include EarthCraft administration fees and do not include any additional fees as outlined by EarthCraft Technical Advisors or any additional technical assistance.

EarthCraft Renovation Frequently Asked Questions

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