Program Highlights

  • Third-party field verification and diagnostic testing
  • Modest project registration costs
  • Designed and implemented by building science experts
  • Streamlined verification process

EarthCraft Multifamily Fact Sheet

Project Registration Fees:

  • 1-3 stories with < 106 units: $75/unit
  • 1-3 stories with > 106 units: $8,000.00
  • ≥4 stories & ≤106 units: $85/unit
  • ≥4 stories & > 106 units: $9,000.00

EarthCraft Multifamily Builders

EarthCraft Multifamily Technical Advisors:

Learn more about the certification process.


EarthCraft Multifamily (ECMF)

Centre Pointe Apartments, EarthCraft Multifamily-Certified

Launched in 2003, the EarthCraft Multifamily program was the first multifamily-specific, green building program in the nation. As EarthCraft’s most popular program, ECMF meets sustainability and high-performance building needs for a multitude of projects ranging in cost and size. ECMF provides certifications for new multifamily construction and renovation of affordable and market-rate projects. Certification addresses a wide range of sustainability considerations, including environmental performance, indoor air quality, building durability, comfort and affordability.

For mutlifamily affordable housing projects looking to receive state and federal funding, EarthCraft is recognized as a qualifying sustainable building certification program. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs requires all multifamily affordable housing projects seeking funding to certify their developments under a sustainable building certification.

For developers and building owners looking for mortgage loan options, Fannie Mae recognizes EarthCraft as a qualifying certification under the Green Mortgage Loan.

EarthCraft Multifamily Renovation

Getting Started

To officially begin an EarthCraft Multifamily project, each project must be registered prior to the Pre-Drywall Inspection. The registration fee is nonrefundable and does not guarantee the project will be certified. The totals below include EarthCraft administration fees, and they do not include any additional fees, as outlined by EarthCraft Technical Advisors or any additional technical assistance.

Program Resources