Program Highlights

  • Third-party field verification and diagnostic testing
  • Modest project registration costs
  • Program designed and implemented by building science experts
  • Streamlined verification process

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Project Registration Fees:

  • $150 flat fee to begin the EarthCraft House project registration process

EarthCraft House Builders

EarthCraft House Technical Advisors:

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EarthCraft House

All Serenbe homes are EarthCraft certified

EarthCraft House has served as the foundation for the creation of the EarthCraft family of programs. Launched in 1999 through a partnership with Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Institute, EarthCraft House has become a popular choice for single-family homebuilders and homeowners alike.

The EarthCraft House program certifies homes that are sourced, constructed and designed to reduce environmental impacts. EarthCraft homes also save homeowners a projected 30 percent on their energy bills, relative to comparable buildings that use standard construction methods.

The EarthCraft House program has evolved over time to become an even more innovative and sustainable certification. EarthCraft 1.0 was based on a points system, where applicants can pick from a variety of features to certify in order to qualify for Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum certification.

EarthCraft – House 2.0, the new standard for EarthCraft certification, requires that all applicants meet the minimum standard for certification and encourages builders to earn the following badges representing enhanced criteria: Performance, Health, Environment and Comfort.

Getting Started

To officially begin an EarthCraft – House project, each project must be registered prior to the Pre-Drywall Inspection. The registration fee is nonrefundable and does not guarantee the project will be certified. The totals below include EarthCraft administration fees, and they do not include any additional fees, as outlined by EarthCraft Technical Advisors or any additional technical assistance.

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