HVAC contractors are key in ensuring a tight, energy efficient home. EarthCraft trained professionals are able to implement best practices and smooth the process of installing an efficient system. Their knowledge of how to correctly size heating and conditioning systems to the dwelling and how to install the equipment and ductwork is crucial to making the most of a structure’s energy budget.

EarthCraft HVAC Professional Training

The training highlights important components of EarthCraft’s above-code HVAC standards and prepares contractors to comprehend and satisfy those standards. This benefits contractors when working on an EarthCraft house because the requirements will be familiar and quality assurance checks will go quickly. This training is beneficial even to those not working on EarthCraft houses because it teaches best practice and enables contractors to provide their clients with the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

Additionally, Southface offers a variety of other educational opportunities which often qualify for continuing education credits. Courses include BPI analyst courses, HERS rater training, OSHA trainings, and others.

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EarthCraft HVAC Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pre-course requirements?

There is a required Basics of Building Science online learning module that all class participants must review prior to attending the EarthCraft HVAC Trade Contractor Training. It takes approximately one hour.

The link to this module will be provided to you in an email after you register for the course, it is also avaliable under the “Become a Builder” tab. Be sure to spend some time reviewing this online module prior to attending the training.

The Basics of Building Science online module is required because the training is an accelerated learning environment, and information provided in this Basics of Building Science module is part of the EarthCraft HVAC Trade Contractor Exam.

I have already taken an EarthCraft House Builder Training. Does this qualify me to take the Trade Contractor Exam?

Taking an EarthCraft House Builder Training does not qualify you to take the Trade Contractor Exam unless you have also attended the EarthCraft HVAC Trade Contractor Training.

Do I have to be a EarthCraft House Certified HVAC Trade Contractor to participate in the construction of EarthCraft projects?

Not currently, but this will eventually be the case.  It is in your best interest to get a start on this soon-to-be requirement.

Is the Trade Contractor Training eligible for continuing education credits?

The EarthCraft HVAC Trade Contractor training is approved under the rules of the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors for 6 continuing education hours. In addition, The Housing Institute has approved this seminar for 6 continuing education credits for the Certified Professional Home Builder program.

When will the next training take place?

The EarthCraft Professional Training is based on demand. If you would like to schedule a training for your organization, please contact earthcraftinfo@earthcraft.org