Make a smart investment in the Southeast’s growing green building sector – one that will increase your marketability, save your clients money and boost your overall revenues.

EarthCraft Builders are accredited building professionals that are eligible to build any EarthCraft-certified building – from new construction homes to historic building projects. Certification enables Builders to offer clients valuable and specialized expertise in high-performance building. The EarthCraft program provides training and resources to promote best practices and provide guidance through high-performance building certification.

Become an EarthCraft Builder

Before starting the process to become a certified EarthCraft Builder, candidates must have at least three years of experience in the residential building industry. Candidates with less than three years of experience should contact us.

Familiarize yourself with the process of becoming an EarthCraft Builder using our Builder Process guide.

Take the EarthCraft Builder Training

If you are eligible to become an EarthCraft Builder, sign up for one of our EarthCraft Builder courses. The one-day training will provide you with the tools to become a certified Builder after taking the test at the end of the course.

EarthCraft Building Training Overview:

The EarthCraft Builder Training consists of a two-hour online training on building science plus a one-day classroom course. The course covers the basics of the EarthCraft program from the EarthCraft Builder’s perspective including participant roles and responsibilities, program guidelines and requirements, and the project certification process.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are there pre-course requirements?

There is a required Basics of Building Science online learning module that all class participants must review prior to attending the EarthCraft Builder Training. It takes approximately two hours.

The link to this module will be provided to you in an email after you register for the course. Be sure to spend some time reviewing this online module prior to attending the training.

The Basics of Building Science online module is required because of the training’s accelerated learning environment. Information provided in this Basics of Building Science module is part of the EarthCraft HVAC Trade Contractor Exam.

2. Do I have to become a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA) to become an EarthCraft Builder?

No; after EarthCraft Builders take the course and pass the exam, EarthCraft Builders have the option of joining a local HBA chapter, a NARI, or join GAHBA. Students who are taking the EarthCraft Builder course to be a general contractor for their own home do not have to join an HBA. EarthCraft Builders who will be certifying multifamily or light commercial projects do not have to become a member of any program.

3. I took the EarthCraft Builder training. How do I get my name on the project registration form?

You will need to fill out the contact information form emailed to you with your passing score so the EarthCraft team can add your name to the Directory and project registration form.