Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio: Southface and The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

From Atlanta Real Estate

The first guest on today’s Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show is Marci Reed, the chief development and communications officer for Southface, a non-profit that is dedicated to sustainability and green building. Originally started as the Georgia Solar Coalition 36 years ago, Southface is now geared towards providing education, research, advocacy and technical assistance on how to build healthy, energy- and water-efficient buildings and communities.

One of Southface’s most notable achievements in the green building industry is its creation of the EarthCraft program, which was started 15 years ago. This program was developed in conjunction with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association when the housing market was booming in Atlanta, and it just certified its 30,000th EarthCraft home this year! The EarthCraft program is now moving into the sustainable preservation arena, as it aims to help preserve historic buildings and homes while also making them more Earth-friendly. This program is now in the pilot stage, and those interested in being one of the first to take advantage of it can learn more by contacting

Southface is a membership-based organization, and it depends on these members and its supporters both financially and for new ideas. The organization provides many events and activities for its members, and it also hosts tours and training opportunities at its Midtown campus.

To learn more about Southface, be sure to listen to the full podcast and then visit You can also visit the campus for public tours every Wednesday, where you can see sustainability in action.